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Building interior with plastic sheeting draped from the roof

Your Satisfaction and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

When you hire Horsley Specialties for your cleaning and abatement needs, you can always be sure you’re getting professional treatment, expert insights and analysis, and customer service that exceeds your expectations. We are a family-founded business that is committed to the safety of our clients, as well as our own employees. Discover for yourself why customers have depended on us since 1959.

Why We're the Best?

We Are Experienced With These Sites:

Keeping You in Compliance

We provide documentation for your entire project, and we prepare and file all the required documentation for federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. We stay in compliance with all laws and regulations which makes the job easy for you!

Rely on Our Certified Lead Abatement Contractors:

Our Abatement Project Steps

1. Survey

All abatement projects should start with a complete asbestos Survey. It is impossible to tell what does and doesn’t contain asbestos with the naked eye and many products that contain asbestos look identical to those that don’t.

2. Pricing

Projects begin with a site visit by one of our experienced estimators to give you an accurate price and schedule for how long the work will take.

3. Prep

Our crews will set up plastic sheeting and ventilation equipment to keep the contamination inside the work area. The area is under negative pressure and all air leaving the area via the ventilation is HEPA filtered and exhausted outside of the building.

4. Removal

Removal is the hardest part of the project to describe due to the number of possible materials being removed. It could be removing wall systems or flooring. As Material is removed it is kept wet to reduce dust and sealed in multiple layers of plastic to prevent any contamination during load out.

5. Clean-Up

After all removal is done the area is thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning involves Wet wiping to remove all dust and HEPA vacuuming the area. The area can also have and encapsulant applied to lock any free fibers down and prevent them from becoming airborne.

6. Clearance

After Final cleaning a third-party is used to perform a visual inspecting for cleanliness and perform air sampling. The air samples are then read to ensure the area is safe for re-occupancy.

7. Teardown / Dispoal

As a final step the ventilation system is shut down and sealed to prevent any fiber release and the plastic is removed. The area is cleaned one last time and all waste is loaded into a trailer or dumpster for disposal at an EPA Approved landfill.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement

We have the experience, the training, and the equipment to safely remove harmful asbestos from any facility. No job is too big or small for our asbestos abatement professionals.
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Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning

Are you looking for an effective yet environmentally-friendly way to remove dirt and other grime from your walls, floors, and other surfaces? Rely on the dry ice cleaning services at Horsley Specialties to make your surfaces look like new again.
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Flooring Removal

Flooring Removal

We remove all types of hazardous and non-hazardous flooring. Professional removal is necessary since toxic substances like asbestos, and mercury can be found in tile, linoleum, mastics, and rubberized flooring.
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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Exposure to high concentrations of mold can inflict a variety of serious health problems on you, your employees, and your customers. Take swift and effective measures to combat your mold problems by calling Horsley Specialties today!
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Lead Abatement

Lead Abatement

Our trained and experienced professionals can safely remove the lead building components from your facility.
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Other Services

Other Services

We also provide dust control containments, microbial remediation, and heavy metal decontamination.
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