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Dust Free Concrete Floor Grinding & Polishing Services

Concrete Grinding & Polishing will make your space look brand new.

Experienced Concrete Grinding Services

You know you’ll always get top-quality service from us because our professionals are trained in the latest techniques of concrete grinding and polishing. We use top-of-the-line concrete grinders to ensure you are getting the best outcome.  We also offer an assessment and insights to correct your concrete problems that leave your floors or walkways looking renewed.

We Smooth and Flatten Your Concrete Subfloor

Getting a quality concrete floor level is an exacting process, and we give the process the care it deserves. It is only with a level and flat floor that your new flooring can successfully be installed. When you have the right floor preparation, you know that your finished floor will stand the test of time!

Not only can we level out your existing floors. Concrete floor grinding can fix your uneven and wavy floors. Our high-tech concrete floor grinding equipment is ready to remove even the hardest of materials off your floors. Our expert team can grind down large humps or cracks in concrete as well as old material used for prior flooring.

We Use Concrete Removal For:

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Asbestos Abatement

Concrete Grinding & Polishing

Flooring Removal

Mold Remediation

Lead Abatement

Other Services

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