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Control Dust & Debris on Your Construction Site.

Any contractor will tell you that an active construction site is a dusty one. Dust Control Containments help control dust and debris keeping your job site clean and your workers breathing easy. 

Whether it be replacing Flooring, or a full remodel, Horsley Specialties can use our decades of hazardous materials skills to create dust barriers and containments. It could be as simple as control curtains to limit the dust spread or full containments with negative pressure to prevent the escape of dust particles to the surrounding areas.

Slightly opaque curtains cover a room with a dust vacuum

Decades of Proven Results

Horsley Specialties Inc. has been in the business of hazardous material mitigation since 1986. We use that wealth of experience to bring a level of care and attention to detail into every project. When you choose Horsley Specialties, you’re choosing quality and results every time, that’s no different when it comes to Dust Control Containments.

Interior of a construction site. Worker is seen in dust jacket and filtered mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Dust control containments from Horsley Specialties can handle a wide variety of dust types, depending on the specific system and filters used. Common dust types include:
Construction dust: Silica, wood dust, concrete dust
Manufacturing dust: Metal dust, welding fumes, pharmaceutical powders
Food processing dust: Flour, sugar, spices

A. Horsley Specialties works hard to offer affordable dust control to our customers. The cost of dust control containments varies greatly depending on several factors, including:
The size and complexity of the system: Larger and more complex systems will be more expensive.
The type of dust being controlled: Some dust types require more specialized and expensive equipment.
The desired level of containment: Higher levels of containment will typically require more expensive systems.

H.S.I. will work with you to find the best Dust Control Containment system for your needs, and your budget.

A. The effectiveness of a dust control containment system depends on several factors. With the proper selection, design, installation, and maintenance, you get from Horsley Specialties dust control containments can be highly effective in capturing and containing dust particles.

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